Topics ranging from business development, non-profits, veterans, parenting, self-care and real estate, Jessica’s presentations will empower the audience with techniques to overcome obstacles.


Topics ranging from business development, non-profits, veterans, parenting, self-care and real estate, Jessica’s presentations will empower the audience with techniques to overcome obstacles.

Preview of Jessica's Presentations

Strength in Words

Ending the Epidemic
of Veteran Suicide

Stop, Drop & Push in Washington D.C.

Jessica Morel talks at the VAREP National Conference in Washington D.C. about the importance of the Stop, Drop & Push campaign and helping put an end to the epidemic of veteran suicide. Every day, 22 of our nation’s veterans are making the desperate decision to end their life — 8,000 men and women every year. How can we as a nation, come together and help these heroes in need?

Topics & Presentations

Business Development / Growth

Coaching & Mentoring


Goal Setting


Incorporating a Non-Profit as Part of Your Business Plan

Veteran Reintegration

Veteran Suicide

Alternative Therapy for Veterans

Life Balance


Real Estate


Team Building

Spirituality and Business

Self Care In Business

For: Entrepreneurs, Women Veterans

Growing a business can be thrilling and full of highs and lows. Being able to prepare for the roller coaster of being an entrepreneur will ensure that you are fully equipped to weather the storm while building a business that will thrive.  

This presentation will teach you techniques to….

  • Empowerment through education
  • A new relationship with failure
  • Power of self-talk
  • Time management

Results Through Others

For: Entrepreneurs, Women’s Events

Building a business requires a team of people that believe in your vision. They thrive by having the space and support to bring their gifts and talents to the table. Empowering others and seeing their greatness as a leader will be the foundational tools to grow your business and offer you the liberty of time to focus on business development and community outreach. 

This presentation will teach you…

  • How to free up your time as a business owner
  • How to take that time to pursue other dreams
  • How to take that time to be more involved in your community

The Tattooed Franciscan

For: Spirituality Conferences, Young Adults

The journey of spirituality looks different for every person. The calling can be subtle, feel like a punch in your gut or a little bit of both over the course of time. God calls us ALL to greatness and regardless of what you have been through, or the darkness of your past that tries to whisper a feeling of unworthiness, God calls each of us with tender mercy and He often does this in ways we least expect. 

This presentation will teach you…

  • The importance in creating quiet time for reflection
  • Seeking a spiritual director
  • How God uses us in our day to day interactions with others

Marriage And Bullets; Life After Trauma

For: First Responders/Police Officers, Spouses Of First Responders/Police Officers, Marriage Conferences, Spiritual Conferences

Marriage can often offer many challenges, but how does a marriage survive when a life changing event occurs.  Jessica Morel will share how her troubled marriage endured the devastating shooting of her Police Officer husband that resulted in her caring for him while trying to forgive years of resentment that she held in her heart.

This presentation will teach you…

  • The power of forgiveness and prayer
  • Asking for help and receiving help in troubling times
  • How critical self care of the caretaker is
  • Giving yourself permission to fully experience the emotions that come with a life changing event.

Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance (PPPPP)

For: Goal Setting Conferences, Universities, Entrepreneurs, Women

Drill SGT. Baker always said, “Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.” Being prepared when opportunity knocks is essential in life.

In this presentation, you will learn…

  • What specific habits you should be creating to maximize opportunity
  • Discovering what you need to know
  • How to create a support system around you

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Connecting with the Community

Audience Responses

“I was impressed by Jessica’s approach in presenting. She was a dynamic speaker! She was authentic and shared who she was. People really gravitate toward someone who is genuine with whom they’re speaking to. [Jessica] shared her passion of helping the community [and] tied it together into her career path.”

Joanna Marroquin

Phoenix Public Library-Manager at hive @ central 

“Jessica is an amazing and captivating speaker! She graciously shared her personal story at an event I attended and I was humbled by her experience. She is passionate, personable, and reminded us of our need for self-care, even as we take care of others. Thank you, Jessica!”

Ganay Metoyer

“Jessica Morel was a dynamic speaker at the Women Veterans Entrepreneur event I attended on November 3rd. As a woman veteran, testimony from other women veteran’s transition experiences helps immensely as I attempt to navigate my own transition. There are not a lot of women veterans represented by the community as thriving individuals and it was great to hear Jessica talk about how she entered the Army, how it helped her grow and how she empowered herself to take over in her industry and the tools she sourced to be a great leader. She is approachable, professional, and charismatic when presenting and I look forward to seeing or hearing from her again. She should be sharing her story more often in the Veteran space as well as in the corporate/business space because she articulates her message of perseverance and being goal driven perfectly.”

Joanna Sweatt

Veteran Advocate at USMC Woman Veteran