What are your goals in life? Do they seem too big to reach? A Peace of Mind Journey was created to help others realize these goals ARE possible with a W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) mindset.


What are your goals in life? Do they seem too big to reach? A Peace of Mind Journey was created to help others realize these goals ARE possible with a W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) mindset.

Peace of Mind Journey

Dream Big and Pursue Your Goals with a Whatever It Takes Mindset

A Peace of Mind Journey is a 90 day journey that offers you a space for accountability, self-reflection, support and love. A journey where you get to dream big and pursue your goals with a W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) mindset. When we follow our dreams and are in alignment with our values we are able to make the greatest impact in the world. During the 90 days we will focus on Accountability, Self- Reflection & Support and Self Love.

Finding Accountability, Self-Reflection, Support & Self Love

Audience Responses

“Participating in A Peace of Mind Journey with Jessica Morel was a valuable experience. This journal allowed me to focus on my Spiritual, Physical, Career and Emotional goals. During the 90 days accountability challenge, I was able to focus on my goals, set priorities and I learn how to become purposeful.

At the end of 90 days, I was excited to see all of the things I had accomplished in the short amount of time. I will continue the practice of being more purposeful and certain in the things I do!

Jessica has amazing energy. Her insight and support helped me overcome many of the mental roadblocks I placed in my path, which kept me from achieving my goals. I appreciate her mentorship and encouragement during this journey.”

Tammi Renteria

“I had the opportunity to experience the Peace of Mind 90 Day Journey with Jessica as a coach and acceptability partner. There are so many aspects of life as a woman you have to manage. With Jessica, we were able to hone in on areas of my life that had been neglected. 

The experience was an eye opener. I completed many goals during the 90 Day Journey and set long term goals that I am still working on daily. If given the opportunity, I would do it all over again.”

Carol Jenning

Areas of Focus

Five Key Topics during the Peace of Mind Journey


Having someone believe in you and your goals is a valuable tool in helping you believe in your greatness within. There is power in making your goals known to other people who will hold you accountable to what you say you want in your life. In addition to accountability, there is also great value is strategic planning, having someone challenge you to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. You will practice operating from a space of “trustology”, giving and receiving feedback, setting boundaries and having fierce conversations. All of these tools are necessary to experience A Peace of Mind Journey throughout your life.


The only one who knows your truest desires is YOU! Often times, the world around us is so loud that we forget to listen to the whisper of our hearts tugging at us to pursue our dreams, authenticity and inner peace. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on others, that we forget to take care of ourselves OR we get so comfortable in our lives that we become complacent in living out our best life that we settle for what is OR we dream so big that we allow fear to set in and talk us out of what we know we want OR we think we are too old, too young, tired, busy, broke, not worthy or used up. A Peace of Mind Journey offers you 90 days to reconnect with yourself. A time to quiet your mind and heart so you can best honor that whisper within you that always knows what is best.


One of the most effective ways to achieve your goals is to learn how to ask for support and to also be open to support when it is offered to you. Often times, we prefer to do things on our own. We either don’t want to bother others by asking for support or we are so committed to having things look or be a certain way that we refuse the help, leaving us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Finding your “tribe” is a valuable tool in achieving your goals. So many amazing and brilliant people have paved the way before us. It is our responsibility to surround ourselves with those people that are willing to get into solution with us, introduce us to someone who has the answer or simply see us greater than we are able to see ourselves.


Self love and love for others is the name of this incredible journey of life. During your game, you will explore ways to deepen your self love, understanding that an abundant self love allows you to pour out that love to others. You will also reflect on ways to deepen your spirituality and your relationships.

Whatever It Takes (W.I.T.)

Often times we get caught up with excuses on why we cannot pursue our dreams. Fear is typically the underlying excuse. During your 90 Day journey, you will practice a mindset of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES. This means you must be willing to get uncomfortable, do things that are unreasonable, risk looking foolish, get rid of the need to be right all the time, get up early, stay up late, be authentic, be willing to fail and get back up over and over, feel a range of emotions, have integrity, be impeccable with your word, cry and do it anyways, have an open mind, tell your excuses to find a new home, be outrageous, have fun, forgive, complete challenges, surrender, receive honest feedback, share your gifts with the world and find the courage to say YES to God’s great plan for your life.

Ready to say


to your
extraordinary life?

Investment in Self

$500 per Month for 3 Months

What is included, other than a fresh new outlook on life?

Initial 2 hour meeting that will support you in setting 5 goals – Wealth, Physical/Health, Spiritual, Emotional, and Fun.

Monday – Friday 10 minute accountability calls.

Three half-day (4 hours) retreats that will focus on strategy and support of your goals.

Tools and resources that are specific to your goals.