Our Little Tree 


Hello Beautiful Flowers

Earlier this spring, we sold our artificial Christmas tree for $5.00 at our yard sale. At the time, we decided as a family that after 14 years with the same tree, we were ready for a bigger pre-lit tree.

It is incredible how fast the holiday season has arrived and as I was pulling out our Christmas decorations this past weekend, I was quickly reminded that I have yet to buy that pre-lit tree.  This left us with 2 small trees that we usually use in other parts of the house each season.  I felt myself starting to worry that if we did not get that big – $300 – 7 foot – pre-lit tree – that I would be responsible for RUINING Christmas.

As quickly as that crazy, guilt filled thought filled my head, my youngest son, declared that he thought that the small tree would be perfect in our living room.  He felt that since it was so small, that he would need to be extra picky about only putting our most special ornaments on it.  He obviously did not place the entire meaning of Christmas on the size and sparkle of an artificial tree.

How right my sweet boy is.  He was so concerned about the special meaning of each ornament.  He thoughtfully recalled how we obtained his selected ornaments.  He gently kissed the purple glass ornament that was handmade by Mama Carmen, who left us too soon and unexpectedly this summer.  He adoringly reminisced about the picture of his sweet friend Julie.  Then, he giggled at the photo ornament of my husband and I in Iraq over 16 years ago.

He reminded me about the true meaning of Christmas and how this season is more about bringing us together as a family and celebrating the birth of Christ. It has nothing to do with our decorations, much less, the size of our tree.

My Prayer

For You and Me

Good and gracious God, help us to be present and filled with anticipation for Christ’s birth. Help us to stay focused on the true meaning of the Advent season. Thank you for our families and friends that create so many special memories during this Christmas season. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pace e Bene,

Mama Flower

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