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Hello Beautiful Flowers

So what is a girl to do when staring 40 straight in the eyes? Make a list of course! Thanks to some awesome suggestions from my Facebook family, along with my own ideas, I have compiled a list of 40 new experiences as I embark on my year of turning 40. My thoughts were to add things that hit all sides of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental growth. Some I am super excited about, some will require discipline, and some will require total surrender. This year, my one word (from the book – One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page) is AWAKE. I wanted to be fully AWAKE to get to know my new friend, Ms. Restlessness.

  1. Pray Rosary Daily
  2. Complete Rosetta Stone – Spanish
  3. 365 no drinking – as a wine lover, this will be interesting
  4. Jump on trampoline with kids 40 times
  5. Eat only from my yard 40 times
  6. Start Secular Franciscan Classes
  7. Finish St. Francis Garden in front yard
  8. Celebrate Daily mass 40 times and in at least 4 different languages
  9. Launch Paper Company
  10. Sky Gliding
  11. Create “Abuela’s Aguacate Prayer Garden” in my back yard
  12. Indoor Sky Diving
  13. Compete in 1 Brazilian Jui Jitsu match – I have recently started classes
  14. Befriend a nun and be a pen pal
  15. Comic-Con with my brother and wear a costume
  16. Pitch my invention idea to an investor
  17. Paddle Board Yoga
  18. Let the other person break the hug 40 times
  19. Road trip with hubby along the West Coast – rent convertible
  20. Glass Blowing Class – Circle 6 Studios
  21. Papermaking Class – Georgia
  22. Burlesque Dancing
  23. Road trip with family PNW – Whale watching, crabbing, clamming, hike, waterfalls, Mt. St. Helen
  24. White Water Rafting – Grand Canyon or Colorado 
  25. Coach Kids Basic
  26. Run the Stairs in the tallest building in Arizona
  27. Flash Mob Dance
  28. Shoe Shopping in NYC – I am on the lookout for the perfect purple high heel
  29. Colonoscopy, mammogram, comprehensive physical, eye doc, dentist – Get all holes checked
  30. Bike 40 miles in 1 day
  31. San Miguel trip
  32. Invite people who we have never hosted each month to dinner at our house (not January)
  33. Complete an NFP class with hubby
  34. Create Year in Review Video documenting my 40 for 40 – Learn new technology
  35. Blog 40 Times (publish by blog March 25)
  36. 40 bike rides with kids
  37. Participate in a March for Life event
  38. Research and buy my own dog or horse – I was not born with an animal heart and I want to grow one 
  39. _______________________________  – These last 2 are open to whatever the year has in store
  40. _______________________________  

My Prayer

For You and Me

Good and gracious God be with us as we journey through 2018. Help us to experience life fully and in accordance with your word. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pace e Bene,

Mama Flower

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